Thursday, March 11, 2010

End of the Winter Quarter

Hi Everybody!! So it's the end of my first quarter at SCAD so you know what that means? New Art!!! The first group of images was all geared towards a story pitch where we had to create a synopsis, 2 characters, 2 environments, and 2 vehicles.

So just a quick premise on the story: Its about a girl who finds a opportunity to turn her family's once famous airplane company around by entering a competition to compete for a government contract to create the military's next long distance tactical fight.

So with the look I really wanted to focus on the 40's and 50's flight and art deco style.


Antagonist Hanger
Protagonist Hanger
Antagonist Plane
Protagonist Plane
These environments have nothing to do with the above story. This was a previous assignment that I forgot to post where the class had to create two environments. Both environments are supposed to be different locations of the same world. My inpiration was the Jupiter's orbiting satellite Europa which is covered in ice sheets and has a low level of oxygen. Scientist predict that there could be life between the ice sheets due to the water being warm enough from the friction created water tides between the ice sheets. Fun science stuff!!

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