Monday, November 22, 2010


Well it's two quarters worth of work this time. I didn't post everything that I made over the summer. Sorry for not updating in a long time. I actually got MARRIED to my now wife Susan and kind of got side tracked. But here it is FALL QUARTER 2010 ART DUMP.....

A short Snow White comic about how the Queen acquired the Mirror.
India Ink and mostly Brush

A portrait of Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch.
Painter 11 and Photoshop
A book cover redesign for the Count of Monte Cristo.
The Book Cover actually bound along with a foam airplane I made that I will pass out at conventions.
Little Red. Photoshop
A short story based on the folk character, Hiiaka in Hawaiian lore who goes around killing demons with her magic hula skirt that shoots fire and lightening.
A label redesign for a Trader Joe's product. Medium: Scanned Traditional Drawings and Illustrator CS3
BlackSad Pin-up.
India Ink and Brush

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